Slingsby T21

The 1/3 scale T21 is now available from the shop.  This model is a fantastic flyer, an aircraft that most people in gliding have had contact with at some point in their lives.



Plans are just beinf finalised for the Olympia at 1/3 scale.  This iconic glider is going to be a great addition to the range.  Should start the beta build very soon. 15/06/2017




New ASK-7 at 1/3 scale will be started very soon.  (Latest Well on it’s way now) 15/06/2017.


Slingsby T13 Petrel

The Petrel will be 1/3 scale, and both fixed tail plane and all moving tail plane will be supplied on the plan along with three canopy types.  At 1/3 scale the wing span will be 5.78 Mtrs.


This sailplane was designed in the late 90s by Jim Marske and John Roncz.
There was a breakdown in relations between the American design group and the Lithuanian manufacturer so production was stopped after 27 had been made.

Model will be 1/3 scale with a span of 5mtr.  Prototype build has been started.