Slingsby T21

The 1/3 scale T21 is now available from the shop.  This model is a fantastic flyer, an aircraft that most people in gliding have had contact with at some point in their lives.



The first model build is now well under way  This iconic glider is going to be a great addition to the range.




New ASK-7 at 1/3 scale is now in the paint shop should not be long


Slingsby T13 Petrel

The Petrel will be 1/3 scale, and both fixed tail plane and all moving tail plane will be supplied on the plan along with three canopy types.  At 1/3 scale the wing span will be 5.78 Mtrs.


This sailplane was designed in the late 90s by Jim Marske and John Roncz.
There was a breakdown in relations between the American design group and the Lithuanian manufacturer so production was stopped after 27 had been made.

Model will be 1/3 scale with a span of 5mtr.  Prototype build has been started.


18 /05 / 2018 The latest plan to be drawn up is the Shorts Nimbus at 1/3.5 scale.  Drawings now well under way.

Nimbus 3 view 800