Schleicher ASK-18

Schleicher ASK-18

£40.00 — £265.00

The ASK-18, which first flew in October 1974, is a single-seat Club Class sailplane based on the design of the Ka 6E and Ka 8. It combines the simple, rugged construction, docile flying characteristics and ability to soar in weak thermals of the Ka 8 with the cross-country performance of the Ka 6E. The ASK-18 was designed to progress pilots from first solos to early competition flying.

The fuselage consists of a welded steel-tube frame with spruce longerons covered with fabric, with a glassfibre nose section. The cockpit, with its hinged blown Plexiglas canopy, provides excellent visibility and good seating arrangement with plenty of leg room. The aircraft has no front skid as the fixed landing wheel is located just ahead of the centre of gravity. It incorporates an internal brake and a sprung tail skid is provided.

Scale:  1/3
Wing span:  5.33MtrLength: 2.32Mtr

This kit comprises of 4 part wing, removable fin and tail plane for ease of transport.

Canopy is available from Sarik Hobbies.  They can be contacted here: