Model Gliders Under Development

These are the model sailplanes & gliders currently under development.


The first model build is now well under way  This iconic glider is going to be a great addition to the range.  Currently being built by Barry Atkinson of Sarik Hobbies.
olympia 2B model glider plane


New ASK-7 at 1/3 scale is now in the paint shop. It’s been very difficult choosing a colour scheme for this wonderful sailplane. Should not be long.

Slingsby T13 Petrel

The Petrel will be 1/3 scale, and both fixed tail plane and all moving tail plane will be supplied on the plan along with three canopy types.  At 1/3 scale the wing span will be 5.78 Mtrs.
t13 slingsby petrel high performance model sailplane


This sailplane was designed in the late 90s by Jim Marske and John Roncz. There was a breakdown in relations between the American design group and the Lithuanian manufacturer so production was stopped after 27 had been made.
genesis II high performance model glider

Shorts Nimbus

The Shorts Nimbus was a British two-seat glider trainer designed in 1947 by members of the Short Brothers design office, who had recently formed the Rochester Gliding Club.
Nimbus 3 view 800

Jilles was so taken with this Gglider that he decided to build it himself.  As soon as this build starts, we will put links up for it.

SG38 Primary Glider

The latest plan from Jilles Smits. Plan now in and waiting for first build.
sg 38 primary glider elliots of newbury

The build is about to be started.  Peter Balcombe a builder of note is statring this build very shortly.  Part are all cut, wood is ordered, as soon as it arrives, hopefully by the end of week commencing 15th October 2018.  A build thread  will be announced as soon as it is started.