Laser Cut Sailplanes Short Kits & Plans

Laser Cut Sailplanes
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Laser Kit Cutters Model Gliders Short Kits & Plans

Laser cut kits are our speciality. We offer a range of  short kits from various model glider designers throughout the world… Chris Williams, John Watkins, Cliff Charlesworth and Jilles Smits are just a few names you may recognise. We have laser cut sailplanes & rc model gliders short kits & plans for sale.

Where sailplane plans are supplied by distributors such as Sarik Hobbies, we insist that you purchase the plan from them as it would be unethical of us to supply these directly. Proof of purchase would be desirable, but we understand that this may not always be possible.

Please Note: I cannot be held reponsible for any modifications made by the designer to any of their plans unless I have been supplied with the update.  All parts are cut from original plans unless otherwise stated.  Most plans come with one wing drawn! It is expected that the methods used to reverse this plan for building on are known by the builder.  However, I can supply an extra sheet printed in reverse for the second wing.  This is not free.  Please use the contact form to enquire.

Scale Soaring Forum

Why not join the SSUK (Scale soaring UK) Forum?  This is one of the best resources available on the net for this hobby. You don’t have to be in the UK – there are members from all over the world…

If you are interested, please click on the banner. ssuk banner scale soaring uk

Laser Cutting Services

We specialise in custom laser cutting for radio controlled sailplanes, If you have a glider plan you wish to build and want to take out all the tedium of cutting the parts, we can help. Note: parts will only be as accurate as on the plans supplied.

Our laser cutter has a bed size of 1200mm x 900mm.  With a 130w laser tube, we can cut most woods with ease up to 12mm thick.

Laser Cut Sailplanes has a minimum order amount of £35.00. However, this will cover quite a lot of cutting (up to 30 Minutes) dependent upon wood..

Here is a rough idea of cost excluding materials. Materials can be supplied and will be done so at cost.

  • £35.00 cuts 2 full sheets 600 x 300 x 3mm poplar ply
  • £35.00 cuts 1.5 sheets of 600 x 300 x 3mm birch laser ply
  • £35.00 cuts 10 sheets of 3mm balsa

Postage and packing is charged at cost and will not be known until order is completed and packed, which is when you will be sent an invoice.

Our Aim

To produce cost effective wood parts for plans that are already available, whilst developing our own plans and helping other like minded designers with theirs. We can offer a printing service to those of you that have designs of your own.  Printing costs will vary but you can usually look at £25 for a two page plan.

Preferred Files

DWG, DXF, PDF, CDR, Ai. Please contact us using the form on our contact us page.

Remote Controlled Glider Short Kits & Plans

Plans and short kits for radio controlled gliders and sailplanes.  Designs are available from Cliff Charleswoth, Chris Williams, and Jilles Smits, to name just a few.  With  increasing interest in aero towing over the last few years, it is good to see that radio control gliders and sailplanes are playing a bigger part in the hobby than ever before.