Jilles Smits Bowlus BS-100 Super Albatross

Jilles Smits Bowlus BS-100 Super Albatross


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Jilles Smits has designed the Bowlus BS-100 Super Albatross at 1/2.5 scale (40%) with a wingspan of 5.25Mtr. 3-View pdf available here: PDF file icon



The fibreglass tube used for this model is available from Carbon Fibre Profiles here: grp tubes


Bowlus BS-100 Super Albatross

Only two examples were constructed. The first was built by Bowlus and features an all-flying horizontal stabilizer. The second was built by Frank Kelsey and has a fixed horizontal stabilizer and flaps in addition to spoilers.

Specifications (Super Albatross)

General characteristics

Crew: one
Wingspan: 45 ft 0 in (13.72 m)
Wing area: 125 sq ft (11.6 m2)
Aspect ratio: 15.7
Airfoil: Gö 549, with the wingtips having a symmetrical airfoil
Empty weight: 435 lb (197 kg)
Gross weight: 645 lb (293 kg)


Maximum glide ratio: 29:1 at 47 mph
Rate of sink: 150 ft/min (0.76 m/s) at 42 mph
Wing loading: 5.25 lb/sq ft (25.6 kg/m2)

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