Scheibe Bergfalke IV Short Kit

Scheibe Bergfalke IV Short Kit


Made to order

Bergefalke IV Short Kit from the plan by Chris Williams

A 1/4 scale version of the last variant in the Scheibe Bergfalke range. Designed to excel in light conditions on the slope, she is equally at home in stronger winds or on aerotow.
Drawn to ¼ scale, and giving a wingspan of 4.4 metres, Chris Williams plan of the Bergfalke IV uses the HQ 35/12 wing section. It requires five function R/C for Ailerons, Rudder, Elevator, Spoilers and Tow Release. All Up Weight is 13 lbs.

Scale: 1/4
Length: 2.2 m (86.61417″)
Weight: 13 lb (5.8 kg)
Radio Functions: Spoilers, Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Tow release
Wingspan: 4.4 m (173.2283″)

Watch the Video on Chris’s Youtube channel

Plan available from Sarik Hobbies

Made to order


Scheibe Bergfalke IV

The Bergfalke IV

with a blown Plexiglas canopy. and a new wing of Wortmann section giving improved performance. The nose section on the Mk IV is a moulded glassfibre shell.Construction of the prototype Bergfalke IV began early in 1969 and the first flight was made a few months later. The cantilever mid-wings are of all-wood construction with a fabric-covered plywood skin; the single laminated beechwood box spars are joined at the fuselage centreline with a single vertical pin. The ailerons and Schempp-Hirth air brakes are also of wood. Like previous versions, the welded steel tube fuselage is fabric-covered, the nose section on the Mk IV being a moulded glassfibre shell. The tail unit is of wooden construction, the tailplane being mounted on the fuselage forward of the fin; there is a Flettner trim tab in the starboard elevator.

Bergfalke IVM

Scheibe themselves were test flying another powered version of the Bergfalke IV early in 1976 with a 52hp Hirth 0-28 ‘flat twin’ engine mounted on a retractable pylon aft of the cockpit and driving a two-bladed fixed-pitch tractor airscrew; the engine can be raised and lowered into the fuselage electrically in less than 20 seconds, retracting behind closed doors.

Span 16.60 m
Length 8.20 m
Wing area 17.88 m²
Empty weight 350 kg
Max weight 505 kg
Max speed 170 km/h
VNE 200 km/h
Aerotow speed 140 km/h
Winch max speed 110 km/h
Airfoil Wortmann
Air Brakes
DFS Type Schempp Hirth


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