Schweyer Sperber Junior Short Kit or Plan

Schweyer Sperber Junior Short Kit or Plan


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The Schweyer Sperber Junior by Jilles smits

This beautiful model glider is captured completely by Jilles Smits with this plan. You will not be disappointed with its lines and performance.

Wingspan 4.8Mtr
Short kit, including printed plan

Designed for 5 channel radio control

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Sperber Junior Glider

During the winter of 1935/36, two special Rhönsperbers were designed and built in the Rhönsperber workshop of Charles Schweyer AG in Ludwigshafen under the direction of Hans Jacobs, the Sperber Junior and the Sperber Senior.

The Sperber Junior

, factory number 41/25, was designed to fit Hanna Reitsch “like a glove” and even though Hanna was not very large, she felt cramped in its narrow cockpit. Certainly, no one else could fit into it. Sitting in the cockpit, she said it made her feel “as if the wings grew from my shoulders” and that she felt as one with the aircraft.

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