Airspeed Tern Short Kit & Plan by John Slater

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Airspeed Tern Short Kit & Plan by John Slater


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Airspeed Tern Short Kit & Plan

John says:

“Way back in 1993 I built my first ‘scratch build’ an Airspeed Tern model fro radio control, l chose this because firstly it was a British glider and there being not too many good British gliders around, but also it looked an uncomplicated project. A bonus for me to all this was our good friend and mentor, John Watkins (who had a lot of experience designing model gliders and sailplanes) put me in touch with a lovely gentleman whose father flew it way back in the 1930’s a man called Roger Reffel, and he kindly supplied me with some negatives and information for me to complete my build.

It proved to be a lovely model and flew really great; the only trouble was one day l hadn’t checked the batteries. Consequently, when it came down, the only bits l could find were the flying surfaces: the fuselage had smashed to pieces.

I have now built a new quarter scale `Tern’, with a dual battery arrangement”.

From the video you will see that this is a superb flyer which looks the part on the slope. It is a build that will suit all modellers.

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Airspeed Tern

Nevil Shute Norway was a prominent author of many best selling books including amongst other favourites, “A Town Like Alice”. He teamed up with Alfred Hessell Tiltman (an ex-chief designer to the Airship Guarantee Co., during the construction of R.100 Airship.), Sir Alan Cobham and Lord Grimthorpe to form a new aeroplane company with the name of Airspeed Ltd. The factory was to be based in Picadilly, York and the company was officially registered on the 13th March 1931.

Tiltman and Norway had originally decided to try to form the company because they believed that there was a market for a “different” light aircraft and had gone quite a long way in the work of designing a high wing three-seater cabin machine, but such an aircraft was too ambitious a project for the limited means and capabilities of the company at this stage. However, with the increased interest in gliding in Britain, the management of Airspeed believed that a British gliders would be able to compete against the Germans by having same degree of aerodynamic cleanness as its excellent German contemporaries, but to be far more readily assembled from the completely dismantled condition. Airspeed estimated that the prospective market could be 40 gliders at a price of £110 – £125 each. This first production aircraft had the production number A.S. 1 and given the name TERN and was designed by A.H. Tiltman. With this glider, Airspeed hoped to capitalise on the increasing interest in gliding in the UK and with it’s sleek design, hoped to take on the domination of the German gliders.

1:4 scale model by John Slater.

Build thread available here: Scale Soaring UK

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