Spalinger S18 II from Jilles Smits.

Spalinger S18 II Short Kit & Plan


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Spalinger S18 II by Jilles Smits

The plan of the Spallinger S18 II is a breakaway from the normal scale that Jilles works to. This model glider has been designed with the smaller transport option in mind. At 3mtr the sailplane still has a great presence in the air but adds ease of transport. For those of you looking for a scale model but do not have the room to store or carry. A 3 sheet plan and short kit are available.

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Spalinger S18 II

s18 II

To give some idea of the widespread popularity of the S18, no less than 60% of the flights in the 1943 Swiss National contest were carried out on the type. The great popularity of the S18 was due to its effective construction and flying advantages that, until then, had not been advertised by the firm that built the machine, Bau A.G. Wynau. The firm have built four versions of the S18, the characteristics of which are listed below:

  • S18 1 Olympiad 1936 13.3m span Light metal wing fittings
  • S18 K Aerobatics 11.7m span Wing of great strength
  • S18 II 1937 Champs. 14.3m span Light metal wing fittings
  • S18 Ill World Record 14.3m span Steel wing fittings A

This list Is not quite complete, because already in 1935 there was one S18 which was designed as a shoulder-wing sailplane but was finished with a midwing. Only one example of this machine was built.

For 1944 the firm Bau A.G.,Wynau organised itself for series production and the following building programme was planned:

S18 IlIm A development of the mid-wing version, the object of which was to Improve the S18 still further.

S18 IIIa Further development of the S18 shoulder wing version whereby Important progress could be made towards quality of production. The special characteristIcs were as follows:


  1. Complete Interchangabillty of all parts between sailplanes of the type.
  2. Refinement of construction details.
  3. Further Improvement for factory production quality, especially of metal parts which were mass-produced by a specialist firm.


Mass production allowed for the carrying out of various refinements without an appreciable cost Increase, which would have been Impossible In amateur construction. The news of a new cable back release, a more comfortable seating position, the lightness of the new controls and especially good visibility, gave much pleasure to S18 fans.

The basic construction of the aircraft remained almost unaltered:


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