Titan II Tug RC Glider Plane Short Kit

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Titan II Tug RC Glider Plane Short Kit


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Titan Tug – General Purpose Aircraft for RC Gliders

Designed by Steve Vine, the Titan has become one of the favoured aircraft for towing our model gliders. Not only a great tug, its aerobatic capabilities are outstanding. It gives me great pleasure to be kitting this aircraft for Steve! Short kit and plan available.

Wing Span: 90 inches.
Length: 71 inches to firewall.
Weight: 19Lb
Recommended engine: Zenoah 62

Short kit comes with printed plan, all sheet and stripwood to be supplied by builder.

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Titan II Short Kit & Plan

The Titan II aircraft has become one of the most used model planes for sale in the UK for towing model gliders. They can be seen at aerotow events all over the country. The good thing about the titan is that it is a good all rounder. It is a good stable platform for most disciplines in the model aircraft world. Aerobatics – no problem, or just plain old club flying, she just fits the bill for all!